Asda and MusicMagpie launch sustainability partnership

Asda has announced the launch of its new sustainability partnership with MusicMagpie. 

The collaboration is set to introduce a “groundbreaking” circular ecosystem which will prevent thousands of tonnes of technology and media products from going to waste.  

The scheme will include the rollout of the re-commerce business’s SMARTDrop kiosks from 15 Asda locations to almost 300 in 2022, following a successful trial over the last 10 months.  

According to MusicMagpie, its kiosks will now allow customers the option to exchange their pre-owned phones for instant cash paid to a bank or PayPal account.  

The company reports that an estimated 3000 smartphones have been traded in at its kiosks, resulting in £800,000 paid to its users to date.  

The Big 4 grocer also revealed that it will launch a scheme which will allow customers to buy and sell pre-owned tech products and media items from MusicMagpie through Asda’s mobile app and online.  

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Customers will be able to deposit their pre-owned consumer technology at an Asda location, which will then transfer the merchandise to MusicMagpie using its “toyou” service. 

The retailer has also confirmed that it will continue to stock MusicMagpie’s pre-owned CDs and DVDs, which are currently available in over 200 stores.  

“Our exclusive partnership with MusicMagpie has been developed with the long-term view in mind and it is fantastic to see this vision achieved through a wider roll out in Asda stores,” Asda senior director of partnerships Matt Harrison said. 

“The launch of 295 SMARTDrop kiosks and an affiliate site where customers can buy and sell technology via will prevent e-waste going to landfill, as well as save shoppers time and money.  

“As we continue to deliver on our partnership strategy and develop our partner ‘ecosystem’, we hope to create more opportunities to offer customers access to the products and services they want in more convenient locations.” 

MusicMagpie chief executive and co-founder Steve Oliver added: “We are thrilled that a business of Asda’s prestige and national reach has recognised the value of MusicMagpie’s unique circular economy model, and is now prepared to scale up our partnership so decisively and quickly. 

“The extension of our partnership with Asda will help us to achieve our clear strategic goal of ‘buy more, sell more, rent more’ by making it even easier for consumers to sell to MusicMagpie and make a decision that is both smart for them and smart for the planet.” 

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