Co-op opens Hubbub’s 200th community fridge

The Co-op has announced the opening of Hubbub’s 200th community fridge in North Kensington, London. 

According to the symbol group, each fridge redistributes approximately 2.4 tonnes of food each month, the equivalent of around 5,683 meals. 

The new location will help an estimated 1500 people in the local area. 

The opening has been a joint effort between the Lancaster West Residents’ Association and the Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team. 

To celebrate the event, food waste chef Mark Breen will cook a variety of meals in a demonstration alongside local chefs Scott Dennis and Joseph Hunte. 

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Hubbub has also distributed Grow Your Own kits among residents to encourage them to grow their own food in a new community garden, currently in development on the estate.  

The North Kensington outlet is the 50th installation funded by the convenience retailer, which is reportedly set to support 100 new community fridges across the UK by the end of 2021. 

“To be opening our 50th fridge with Hubbub in such a short period of time is a huge feat all round, and is testament to the initiative’s success,” Co-op director of community and shared value Rebecca Birkbeck said. 

“We’re looking forward to seeing more fridges opening up in the coming months, in communities like the one in Lancaster West, and we’d like to thank Co-op members and our customers for playing a big part in making this happen.”  

Community fridge co-ordinator Kim Monte added: “I am looking forward to the launch of the community fridge in the North Kensington Resource Centre. 

“The community fridge will create a safe and welcoming space for residents to relax and share tips with each other, building stronger links within the Lancaster West Community.” 

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