Morrisons in discrimination row after slashing unjabbed sick pay

Morrisons has been warned that plans to revive slumping profits by cutting sick pay for unvaccinated workers in quarantine could break the law.

According to the Guardian, the Big 4 grocer hopes the move will pare back the “biblical costs” of Covid-19 and encourage staff to get jabbed.

“Seventy-one per cent of folk already have [had the vaccine] and we are all in this together,” chief executive David Potts said.

After spending £41 million on coronavirus precautions in the first half, Morrisons saw profits plunge by 43 per cent.

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However, Unite health adviser Rob Miguel said the “strong-arm tactics” would lead to “equalities, human rights and ethical breaches”.

He added that many people are “unable to be vaccinated for legitimate reasons”.

Morrisons has said the pay cut, due to come into force from October, will not apply to workers who have not had the chance to get a jab.

The retailer had pledged to guarantee sick pay for self-isolating staff last year to “do its bit” during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Social media clashes over the move pushed #BoycottMorrisons onto the Twitter trending page.

A number of anti-vaxers accused the supermarket of discrimination, but it also drew criticism from people who claimed to have been vaccinated.

“I’m vax’d but I support people’s own decisions and right of choice,” said one man.

“There is no way [Morrisons] can do this without breaking discrimination laws.”

Another argued that “people have got a right to say no and not have their rights removed.”

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