Kellogg’s UK launches personalised cereal boxes


Kellogg’s UK launched an on-pack promotion, allowing customers the chance to create their own personalised cereal box sleeve.

The promotion comes as millions of children return to school this week after the summer holidays.

Available now until November 28, consumers need to collect codes from two promotional packs of Kellogg’s breakfast favourites – including Coco Pops, Corn Flakes or Rice Krispies.

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They are then able to visit where they can upload a photo and personalised message including their child’s name, age and favourite colour which will all appear on their personalised cereal box cover.

The promotion was initially introduced last year and has been brought back to mark the return of back to school.

Aimed at parents of children aged from six to 10 years old, the personalised packs are intended to “surprise and delight” – adding some magic to the back to school milestone.

According to the company, the promotion has been launched with the aim of turning the return to school into a memory-making moment and providing families with something that can be kept for years to come.

“As one of the biggest retail periods in the year for cereal, we identified the opportunity for Kellogg’s to make a moment of the return to school for the second year running by bringing back an element of personalisation,” Kellogg’s UK brand manager Seanain Mcguigan said.

‘’During the ‘Back to School’ time we tend to see an increase in sales across our cereal portfolio and this year we are hoping that will be bolstered by our latest on-pack promotion. We’re excited to see consumers engage on a personal level, with our much-loved brands.’’

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