Amazon to bring own food range to website

Amazon is set to sell own-brand groceries on its website as the US giant intensifies its assault on British supermarkets.

Over the coming weeks, shoppers will be able to add hundreds of “By Amazon” and “Our Selection” products to their baskets.

Executives are expected to heavily promote the move to draw more customers to its Fresh service, according to Telegraph sources.

The online retailer began delivering groceries to Prime customers for free last year, slashing its £2.99 delivery fee in an early broadside against supermarkets.

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The own-brand products, which include fresh produce and ready meals, are already sold through Amazon Fresh stores.

There are five of the checkout-free shops around London, with a sixth in Bankside expected to launch this month.

Amazon is reportedly planning 20 openings a year from 2022.

It is currently ranked just 19th of Britain’s food retailers, although its grocery sales grew by a fifth in 2020 after launching a partnership with Morrisons.

A rapid rise in food sales is anticipated to propel the Seattle-based company above its UK competitors.

By 2025, it is expected to become the country’s largest retailer and beat Tesco’s projected revenue by £1 billion.

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