Weezy dismisses ‘abuse’ fears to gain alcohol licence

A London councillor’s campaign to stop Weezy selling alcohol has been cut short after the grocery startup made a deal with the local authority.

Rabina Khan, who represents a Tower Hamlets ward, claimed that letting the company deliver beers, wines and spirits would have prompted public harassment and intimidation.

According to MyLondon, Weezy dismissed the concerns and claimed that alcohol was just a small part of its business.

Khan said she had been personally affected by binge-drinking in a letter to the council.

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“The easier it is to buy alcohol locally – whether online or from the premises – the more people will drink,” she wrote.

“I have been verbally abused by drunks and on many occasions have feared for my safety.

“My family and I would like to feel safe in our home and walking down the street.”

Khan also set up a petition, which attracted 118 signatures.

Suraj Desor, a solicitor acting for Weezy, noted that the 15-minute on-demand service did not deliver alcohol to public places, reducing the risk of street-drinking.

He continued: “There is no evidence to suggest where our customers purchase alcohol as part of an order that automatically results in crime and disorder or anti-social behaviour.”

In return for an alcohol licence, Weezy told the council it will warn app users that those buying alcohol should be over 18.

The official decision will be announced early this month.

Weezy, which was founded by Kristof Van Beveren and Alec Dent, launched in London last summer.

After securing a £14.7 million investment this year, it has expanded across the capital and begun operating in Brighton, Bristol and Manchester.

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