Food waste & sugar content top UK eating habit concerns, research reveals

Food waste and sugar content top the UK’s concerns on eating habits, according to a recent study by the Food Standards Agency. 

The Food and You 2 Wave 2 report shows that 60 per cent of respondents are worried about the amount of sugar in food. 

The report also indicated that 60 per cent of people surveyed are also worried about food waste levels across the country.  

Animal welfare came in third with 57 per cent of respondents worried about treatment of livestock in the supply chain.  

Other findings from the report include 93 per cent saying they are confident that the food they buy is safe to eat, as well as 89 per cent being confident that the information on food labels is accurate.  

However, only 62 per cent of respondents confirmed that they check the use-by dates on food before cooking or preparing meals. 

“The Food and You 2 Wave 2 report is a valuable source of information for those involved in the food system,” FSA chief executive Emily Miles said.  

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“It’s one of the ways we can ensure that consumers’ perspectives on the food they eat are heard. 

“When prompted, respondents told us they were most concerned about the amount of sugar in food, food waste and animal welfare.” 

Around 19 per cent of participants added that they have eaten smoked fish past the use-by date, with the numbers increasing to 22 per cent for milk, 34 per cent for cooked meats, 47 per cent for bagged salads and 48 per cent for cheese respectively.  

Miles added: “Hypersensitive and allergic consumers are telling us that they are not confident in the allergen information provided by online food providers (including food sharing apps and Facebook Marketplace). 

“This remains an area of concern for the Food Standards Agency as a regulator and one we are working with the industry to address.” 

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