SWA urges hospitality businesses to #BeKindToWholesale

The Scottish Wholesale Association (SWA) has launched a new campaign, calling on hospitality businesses to #BeKindToWholesale.

This follows a similar campaign #BeKindToHospitality, which was launched last month to encourage the public to be king, patient and recognise that employees are doing their best while adhering to strict Covid-19 guidelines.

The new campaign aims to highlight that wholesalers are also operating under stressful conditions.

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“SWA and our members welcomed and applauded the #BeKindtoHospitality campaign that was recently launched by the hospitality industry,” SWA chief executive Colin Smith said.

“After an enormously difficult year for everyone concerned, including those in the wholesale supply chain, it is more important than ever before that everyone is kind and respectful to one another.

“Sadly, as the official trade association for Scotland’s food and drink wholesaling businesses, we are becoming increasingly aware that our members are facing some disappointing levels of aggression.”

The news comes as the trade union Usdaw urged customers to follow the rules and respect shopworkers.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) also renewed its calls for the government to criminalise the abuse of shopworkers after revealing an increase in retail crime.

According to the BRC’s 2019/20 survey, 455 cases of retail violence or abuse took place every day, up by seven per cent from the previous year.



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