Monzo users charged twice for Tesco shops

Tesco customers with Monzo bank accounts have been repeatedly charged for purchases, months after the supermarket claimed to have fixed the issue.

How many shoppers have been affected is unclear, though Money Saving Expert has seen around 40 complaints in a week.

A number of people seem to have regularly faced problems with the payments glitch.

“One thing that I hate about @monzo bank is when I shop at Tesco they often take payment twice!” tweeted one customer.

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“It came out on Sat when I paid and it’s come out again today and took me overdrawn.”

Another called the situation “outrageous” and claimed it had been “going on for years”.

While most seemed to find the charges inconvenient, some shoppers said they had been seriously affected.

“Why do you always do this just before payday!” one complained to Tesco and Monzo.

“Now I can’t get to work.”

Another Twitter user said she had been tipped into an unauthorised overdraft, meaning she could be fined by her bank.

The payment problems first hit the headlines in February this year, when Money Saving Expert reported that “thousands” of Tesco shoppers had been overcharged. 

Within two days of the story breaking, the Big 4 grocer claimed it had solved the issue. 

When questioned about a “handful” of complaints that continued after this point, it said that some customers had accidentally paid twice when its tills went offline. 

In the most recent spate of duplicate charges, Monzo has placed the blame squarely on the supermarket. 

“There’s an issue with Tesco’s payment processing which is causing some double charges”, the neobank’s customer service team said.  

“We’re working with Mastercard to resolve the issue.” 

It is unknown why Monzo bank accounts are particularly affected by the problem. 

Tesco told Money Saving Expert that its automated system could recognise duplicate transactions, and aimed to refund them within a day. 

Monzo said it will reverse any duplicate charges within eight days, adding that customers could cancel pending payments via its app.



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