Kahlúa unveils new bottle design and lower ABV

Kahlúa has announced the launch of its new bottle design with stronger coffee cues and a new brand image.

The new Kahlúa bottle is now available from all major wholesalers.

Alongside a new bottle design, the liquor company announced it has reduced its ABV 16 per cent in its Kahlúa Original to address “evolving consumer trends towards conscious drinking and lower-alcohol options.”

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“Kahlúa is in double-digit growth as consumers have been experimenting with serves such as the Espresso Martini at home, and the brand is set to continue this momentum with an eye-catching new look that will enhance its visibility on-shelf,” off-trade channel director Chris Shead said.

“The pack refresh is a natural evolution for the brand, and we’re confident it will attract coffee lovers and recruit incremental shoppers to the category.”



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