Waitrose reduces 30 tonnes of packaging on sharing platters

Waitrose has announced the relaunch of its sharing platters in anticipation of a wider return to the office and predicted an increase in social gatherings as restrictions start to ease in the coming weeks.

Following a full redesign, the sandwich, roll and wrap sharing platters will now have significantly less packaging with the product coming in a cardboard base without a lid or outer case.

Waitrose revealed the platters will now have a cardboard base, saving 60% of single-use plastic on sandwiches and 40% single-use plastic on wraps.

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The new boxes and film are fully recyclable.

According to the retailer, its 10 lines of sharing sandwiches, rolls and wraps will now contain 65% less packaging overall, in a bid to save over 30 tonnes of single-use plastic and card a year.

“It was really important to relaunch our sandwich platters with less packaging as they’ve traditionally been reliant on plastic – and we want to offer a more sustainable alternative as summer approaches and we all entertain again,” Waitrose food to go product developer Rebecca Neal said.

“It’s our priority to reduce single-use plastic wherever we can as we approach our target of making all own-label packaging widely recycled, reusable or home compostable by 2023.”



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