Lidl launches “best time to shop” feature via loyalty app

Discounter grocer Lidl has launched a new ‘best time to shop’ feature on its Plus loyalty app, aimed at helping customers avoid crowds.

Lidl Plus app users will be able to input their local branch and will be presented with a bar chart displaying how many shoppers were in the store at each training hour throughout the week.

The busiest timings will be displayed in blue, whilst the quietest times will be shown in green.

According to the grocer, both will be updated in real-time.

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The news comes as a year after Lidl launched an online chatbot via WhatsApp so customers could avoid peak shopping times in their local store.

A similar service was launched in Ireland as a trial in May last year, allowing customers to message Lidl through WhatsApp informing the chatbot of the day and time they intend to visit.

The supermarket said in a LinkedIn post, the chatbot will then inform them if this is generally a quiet, average or busy time to visit.

Lidl’s loyalty app was launched in the UK in September, months after being rolled out to Irish shoppers.

The app gives shoppers a digital scratch card every time they shop, offering prizes of between 25p and £20.



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