BRC warns public not to bulk-buy food contrary to government stockpiling advice

The British Retail Consortium is warning the British public not to bulk-buy food as a new campaign from the government urges Britons to stockpile grocery essentials.

It is understood deputy prime minister Oliver Dowden will unveil a new website aimed at aiding UK households prepare for threats such as flooding, power outages and another pandemic.

Among other measures, the ‘Prepare’ campaign is expected to urge the public to stockpile tinned food, batteries, pet food and bottled water, reported the Financial Times.

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However the BRC, which represents UK retailers, has now cautioned the public to not go out and bulk-buy items following the campaign.

BRC director of food and sustainability Andrew Opie said: “While it is sensible to have some additional food at home, most households will find they already have sufficient non-perishables sitting in the cupboard.”

Dowden’s advice harkens back to the difficulty many retailers experiences over the pandemic, as the public took to stockpile household and grocery essentials.

In March 2020, many supermarkets introduced a ration on products such as toilet paper, anti-bacterial wipes, hand soap, toilet paper and children’s medications in response to shoppers stockpiling.



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