5 new drinks: Dash, Tropicana, Califia Farms, Boost and Pepsi

As Dash, Tropicana, Califia Farms, Boost and Pepsi all dropped brand new drinks in the past week, we round up what they are, how much they cost and which UK supermarkets will be stocking the new beverages.

Dash Orange

Dash Water is celebrating the arrival of sunnier days with the launch of its newest flavour, Dash Orange.

Made solely from spring water and ‘wonky’ Spanish oranges, the new drink adds to Dash’s sustainability commitment to using ‘bobbly, crushed or misshapen’ fruits in its products.

Like others in the Dash Water range, the new drink contains no sugar, sweeteners or calories as the flavoured water brand aims to continue to shine a light on the consequences of artificial sweeteners.

It follows a wave of new NPD at Dash, which earlier this year relaunched its popular Grapefruit flavour following customer demand.

Dash co-founder Jack Scott said: “We are so excited to announce the launch of our new orange flavour in time for sunnier days. Dash Orange is the true taste of summer, so whether you serve it chilled, over ice or as a 0-calorie mixer, it’s sure to add even more brightness to the longer days.

“With artificial sweeteners and sugars continuing to make headlines for the wrong reasons (and rightly so), we at Dash have made it our aim to give our customers a drink to feel good about.”

Dash Orange is available to order from dash-water.com and will be available on Ocado from the end of the month.

Tropicana Sparkling and Naked Natural Energy

Tropicana Brands Group is shaking up its ‘better for you’ drinks category with the introduction of a selection of new sparkling and energy drinks


Tropicana Sparkling and Naked Natural Energy come as two new 250ml ambient can drink options that aim to meet consumers increasing demand for both healthy and energy beverages in the sparkling sector.

Inspired by two of the best-selling flavours of Tropicana, the brand boasts that its new flavours in Zesty Orange and Tropical Twist contain over twice the fruit content compared to the average drink in the sparkling category.

Similarly smoothie brand Naked has unveiled its duo of new flavours; Gold featuring orange, pineapple and mango, and Red, containing apple, raspberry and Goji Berry.

The new products follow in the wake of Tropicana refreshing its brand identity last month to mark the launch of a new Tropicana Special Start range and new drink flavours.

Tropicana Brand Group Elizabeth Ashdown said: “Tropicana Brands Group have a portfolio of the best-known juices and smoothies in the UK, with over 7million brand buyers ready to explore new offerings in the category.

“With Naked, we are leveraging the brand’s fruit and functionality credentials to democratise the world of natural energy drinks, and with Tropicana, we are bringing genuine fruit expertise to the fruit sparkling category.”

All four drinks are available in 250ml ambient cans and can be found across the convenience channel including in WHSmith’s and Shell forecourts for an introductory PMP price of £1.00.

Califia Farms Barista Blends

Plant-based milk brand Califia Farms has expanded its range of Barista Blends to feature three new oat and almond products.

New Organic Oat Barista Blend, Vanilla Oat Barista Blend and Almond Barista Blend are to cater to consumers looking to make quality plant-based coffees at home as the brand says it aims to standout from the “saturated plant-based milk category” and capture the “in-home café experience”.

Califia Farms general manager Damien Threadgold said the new products aim to “boost [the brand’s] profile in the barista faction.”

“We’re all about providing delicious choices that are better for you and better for the planet, without ever compromising on taste or quality. Our mission is to create a future where plants can replace dairy, and we are doing it one delicious cup at a time”, he added.

“In a saturated plant-based milk category, we believe in the power and benefits of plant-based, focusing on innovation and brand visibility in a competitive market to continue to grow consumer interest.

“This is why we are expanding our barista segment across organic oat and almond, providing more tasty and simple options for consumers and their in-home café experience.”

All three products are available in 1L cartons for RRP £2.35.

Boost Drinks Energy and Sports

Boost Drinks has released three new products to add to its energy and sports ranges in a bid to tap into the burgeoning health-conscious consumer trend.

Expanding its sugar free energy range, the brand has unveiled flavours Tropical Blitz and Apple & Raspberry Sugar Free Energy , while its sports drink category has seen the addition of a limited edition Watermelon & Lime Sport.

Boost Drinks product controller Harley Beecroft said: “These new launches across Sport and Energy provide an exciting opportunity for us to provide a diverse range of drinks that tap into the growing health and wellbeing agenda and increased demand for low/no sugar products whilst offering notable flavourful variety.

“Following outstanding success in both categories, we’re confident that these new additions will continue to delight consumers and help contribute to our ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence within the soft drink category.”

Boost Tropical Blitz and Apple & Raspberry Sugar-Free Energy are both available in 250ml cans and the limited edition Watermelon & Lime Sport will be available in a 500ml sports bottle.

Pepsi Electric

Pepsi is gearing up to “disrupt the cola category” with the launch of a new limited-edition blue cola launch, Pepsi Electric.

Debuting exclusively as a 500ml bottle format, the sugar-free, zesty flavoured and bright blue drink will be available for 12 months across the convenience, wholesale and grocery channels.

The latest innovation follows a rebrand of the Britvic-owned FMCG earlier this year, aligned with Pepsi’s Thirsty for More campaign, which showcased the drink giant’s commitment to the taste of its drinks “fuelling moments of enjoyment”.

Britvic retail commercial director Ben Parker said: “Pepsi Electric embodies shopper preferences for fresh, special edition flavours while incorporating the unmissable vibrant blue cola liquid, which will grab shopper attention at shelf and capture the next generation

“Pepsi Electric is set to help retailers increase basket spend and tap into the flavoured cola segment, a market which is growing three times faster than unflavoured cola.

“Convenience retail will be a key channel for bringing this bold new flavour to shoppers – we’ve launched exclusively as an on-the-go 500ml bottle to help stores increase impulse purchases and ensure front of store chillers have something different to offer versus take-home formats.”

Pepsi Electric will be available in a 500ml £1.99 plain pack and £1.35 price-marked bottles to the convenience channel from 13 May through Booker before rolling out across wider channels from 17 June.



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