Iceland launches first supermarket customer election manifesto

Iceland Foods is launching the first supermarket election manifesto written by customers as executive chairman Richard Walker looks to give its shoppers a voice during election year.

Seven customers from across the UK who applied to lead the manifesto will front the panel and share their views every month in the run up to the election.

Up to 6,000 customers will support with monthly surveys and the frozen food retailer will publish the manifesto this summer, sharing it will all political parties.

The panel, which met at Iceland’s HQ in North Wales, completed its first assignment looking at the impact falling inflation has on their weekly budgets.

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Of the participants, 100% claimed they’re worse off than they were in 2019 and 83% said the government and business leaders are not doing enough to tackle the issues.

Walker said: “Visiting stores over the past few months, customers have told me they have had enough of being told what they should care about and wanted their chance to be the voice of the high street. The Iceland Manifesto is their chance to do just that.

“From what the cost-of-living really means, to supporting our towns and villages, they’ll leave no stone unturned, and we’ll make sure we publish a full summary of their views later this year to hopefully inspire politicians to do less talking and more listening.”

It comes as Morrisons is to invite customers to join its management meetings as the supermarket attempts to “start a new chapter” and return to “peak form”.

CEO Rami Baitiéh, who joined the grocer last November, said that “listening to customers and colleagues will show us the way”.



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