How to Maximise Inventory Management

By its very definition, a supply chain is a journey. That journey is comprised of many landmarks and stop-points, which require careful monitoring to ensure a smooth and accurate transition.

There are many reasons for supply chain inaccuracies – the majority are innocent, whilst some are more deliberate. However, inaccuracies in the stock levels of a supply chain are generally crystalised at the point of sale.

On-shelf availability and customer satisfaction are uniquely tied together with stock accuracy. Errors throughout the supply chain journey in this specific area will lead to items being unavailable at store.

A recent poll following a forum of major retailers in stock accuracy found that over 85% of retailers felt that stock accuracy caused issues in availability and affected sales.

Brand damage and sales performance are a direct consequence of stock inaccuracy which has occurred in the product journey. Persistent performance in this area, will drive customers elsewhere.

To enable you to ensure your supply chain journey is efficient and accurate working with independent partners, like Orridge Supply Chain Services, will help monitor and gauge on going accuracy. Pick accuracy testing at inbound and outbound hubs helps strengthen trust in stock accuracy, and Direct-To-Store checks ensure that the whole supply chain remains robust.

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