Branston Pickle maker hikes prices by “unprecedented amount” as costs soar


The maker of Branston Pickle has drastically hiked prices by in response to soaring manufacturing costs.

Mizkan Euro, who owns both the pickled condiment and Sarson’s Vinegar, has had to make the “unprecedented” price increases after the business was hit by the rising cost of both energy and packaging.

This increase means consumers have seen the price of Branston Pickle soar in recent years, with figures showing a 360g jar in Tesco rose from £1.50 to £2.10 within a two-year period.

Mizkan Euro is not alone as many other food manufacturers have been forced to increase prices as factors such as ingredients, labour and packaging, have been impacted by global inflation.

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Mizkan Euro chief executive Ichiro Nishikura said that events such as the long-term effects of the pandemic, international conflict and the rise in the price of vegetables and grains have hit the business but added that “structural supply chain issues following Brexit” have also taken its toll.

“These factors together created a ‘perfect storm’ which regrettably necessitated the company to increase its selling prices by unprecedented amounts,” he told The Telegraph.

A spokesman for the Branston Pickle manufacturer said: “Given the global pandemic was followed hot on the heels by inflation, the higher costs of energy and raw materials, we at Mizkan Euro, like millions of other manufacturers, have regrettably had to share some of these cost increases with our customers.

“Mizkan Euro has no say on the recommended retail price, this is set by the retailers.”

Last year, Mizkan Euro revealed its decision to stop supplying products to Russia had impacted the business’ revenues by £1.3m.



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