Supermarkets urged to add ‘Buy British’ section to support UK farmers

Supermarkets have been called on to support UK farmers by adding ‘Buy British’ sections to their online stores.

Over 110 MPs are to sign an open letter urging retailers to further encourage shoppers to purchase UK-grown food, The Telegraph reported.

The online section would gather produce from UK farmers to help consumers find these items more “quickly and easily”.

This comes in a bid to lift the economy and reduce the UK’s carbon footprint.

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The open letter’s signatories include deputy Tory chairman Lee Anderson, climate minister Graham Stuart, former environment secretary Theresa Villiers and four members of the Commons environment committee.

The letter said: “British farmers work hard all year round to ensure our nation’s food security, are crucial in supporting strong local economies and have been instrumental in preserving and protecting our environment.

“Eating food produced in the UK also drastically cuts down on the carbon produced when importing goods from elsewhere.”

Sainsbury’s currently offers a page dedicated to ‘British produce’ across fruit and vegetables while Waitrose offers a tab for ‘beautifully British fruit and veg’ and ‘British regional cheese’.

However, most UK supermarkets do not have a page on their websites with an entire range of British products.



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