Asda updates loyalty app to reward customers saving for Christmas

Asda has introduced a new feature to its popular Asda Rewards loyalty app which looks to reward customers saving up for Christmas.

The Christmas Saver Cashpot is a new feature within the retailer’s app allowing customers to save their money for spending over the festive period, where budgets may be tighter this year.

Customers will be able to transfer savings from their Asda Cashpot into their Christmas Saver Cashpot as many times as they’d like, up to a maximum amount of £300 in total.

Asda customers who transfer money into the new Cashpot will also receive a one-off cash bonus depending on the amount they transfer. It will be deposited between 20 November and 24 November 2023.

Alternatively, shoppers can choose to convert their Christmas Saver Cashpot into vouchers to spend either in the retailer’s store or online, between November 24 and 31 December 2023.

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The move comes as Asda’s latest Income Tracker reveals that families in some UK regions are left with little to spend on themselves after paying taxes and essential bills.

Asda Rewards now has over five million active users in the UK and has given customers over £198 million back on their shopping since last August.

Every time they shop, customers complete Missions and buy Star Products to help grow their Cashpot.

For customers that are looking to further bolster their savings for the festive season, the grocery giant also offers a Christmas Savings Gift Card. Shoppers simply need to load money onto the card before November 12 to receive a bonus of up to £15.

Asda customers using its popular Rewards app have earned over £100 million in Cashpots so far this year.



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