Tesco to scrap six-pint milk bottles to reduce waste

Tesco is to stop selling six-pint own-brand bottles of milk in a bid to reduce waste.

The bottles are no longer available on the leading retailer’s website as it has begun “phasing out” the products across its stores, The Mirror reported.

Shoppers have since taken to social media to share their discontent over the change, with one branding it “ridiculous”, while others have said they will purchase milk from other supermarkets instead.

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A Tesco spokesperson told the publication: “We are phasing out six pint bottles of milk to reduce wastage, but our four pint bottles provide the same great value per pint, especially as we have reduced milk prices twice in recent weeks.”

In April, the supermarket dropped its milk prices for the first time since May 2020 across stores and online.

At the time, Tesco UK chief executive, Jason Tarry, said: “We know that customers are still having to budget carefully, so we’re pleased to be able to reduce prices where we can, and also give them a little extra help by locking the prices of more than a thousand everyday products.

“Milk is a key everyday staple for so many families. We’ve seen some cost price deflation for milk across the market in recent times, and we want to take this opportunity to pass that reduction on to customers.”

Tesco’s four-pint own-brand milk is currently priced at £1.45, while its two pint offering is £1.20 and one pint is 90p.



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  • So they want to reduce wastage – is that milk or plastics? I usually buy 2 x 6 pints, I now have to buy 3 x 4 pints – more plastic wastage for us then!! 🙄

  • Why is tesco taking choice away from the consumer, 4pts is more wasteful than 6pts and 6’s take up marginally more room than 4’s but give you 1 third more in quantity at a more cost effective outlay.

  • It’s more expensive buying 2 four pints per litre than 6 pints times two. Still it’s about paying more pretending to be cheaper. It’s all for more profits. We aren’t idiots!

  • What bright spark comes up with their excuses. More waste, not less and I’m convinced its to make you go in more often and likely to pick up other things. We are not stupid tesco but getting really fed up with being treated so. We live in a rural area and try to be as economical as we can. Not happy at all.

  • DeathTo Dictators
    December 3, 2023 2:07 pm

    Tesco just what more profit, then come up with a lie so think that we will swollow the carbage that they spew out. Just another big bussiness beinfg a dictator


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