Morrisons introduces coffee pod recycling points in UK supermarket first

Morrisons has become the first UK supermarket to introduce recycling points for coffee machine pods.

The drop-off service is being trialled across 29 of the grocers stores, in partnership with pod recycling service, Podback.

Customers can collect their Podback recycling bags, fill with their used pods and recycle in a dedicated bin located at the front of the store.

Morrisons is also set to become a Podback member, meaning its own-brand pods can be recycled through the scheme, along with 24 other brands across the coffee sector.

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Shoppers will need to use correctly colour-coded bags – one for aluminium pods and one for plastic – to ensure they are sent to their dedicated recycling processing plants.

Through Podback, used aluminium pods are turned into aluminium ingots for new products, such as beverage cans, while plastic pods are turned into other plastic items, such as building products and plastic crates.

The used coffee grounds also go through anaerobic digestion to produce biogas and soil improver.

Morrisons sustainable packaging and plastics manager, Natasha Cook said: “We’re excited to be launching this trial with Podback as we look to make it even easier for our customers who want to brew fresh coffee at home to recycle their used coffee pods.

“Now they can grab a Podback bag, fill it at home and simply drop it off on their next store trip.”



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