Supermarket meal deal sandwich sales hits record high

The share of sandwiches sold as part of a supermarket meal deal has reached record heights, in what has now become a “foodie phenomenon”.

According to convenience food producer Greencore, over half (52%) of sandwiches sold by supermarket chains are now bought as part of a combo – which typically includes a drink and snack – compared with 46% last year.

The spike has been driven in part by soaring demand for “premium” meal deals which include more luxurious items like premium sandwiches, salads and sushi.

This has been further backed up by Greencore’s Q3 trading update, which saw a 9.3% revenue increase over the last year –  demonstrating how the food to go category has become more favorable to UK consumers.

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The food giant also claims that it is helping to prompt a supermarket fightback against the more expensive and specialist high-street food outlets.

Chief commercial officer of Greencore, Andy Parton said: “Who could have predicted that the humble meal deal would become a foodie phenomenon?

“While meal deal purists will undoubtedly remain wedded to their sandwich, crisps and coke, products like premium sandwiches, salads, and sushi are bringing greater finesse and complexity to our lunchtime menus,” he added.

The news comes as last month, the Welsh government revealed that it is putting a stop to unhealthy meal deals and temporary price reductions on high in fat, salt or sugar (HFSS) products in a bid to tackle rising levels of obesity.



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