Asda and Spar to roll out viral MrBeast chocolate bars following Prime success

Asda and Spar have secured deals to stock the viral Feastables chocolate bars from the star of one of the world’s most-subscribed YouTube channels, MrBeast.

The Crunch, Deez Nuts, Milk Chocolate and Original Chocolate variants, which launched in the UK direct to consumer at the end of June, will now be rolling out in over 400 Asda stores from 9 July, The Grocer reported.

While a 60g tablet format will initially be available from the supermarket, 35g bars will also be launching in stores later this year.

Spar has been chosen as the brand’s exclusive convenience partner, with Feastables rolling out in participating stores from 10 July.

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The symbol group retailer will be the convenience distributor of the four products until January 2024.

This comes following the launch of other brands founded by Youtubers which have proved popular across the UK supermarket space.

In December 2022, Morrisons began stocking The Sidemen’s XIX Vodka in over 300 stores. The premium alcoholic beverage by the YouTube collective, The Sidemen, quickly sold out in minutes when it first dropped online.

Earlier this year, Morrisons and Aldi also began stocking the viral Prime Hydration drink from social media stars KSI and Logan Paul.

Following high shopper demand, the discount grocer had to set a purchase limit of one of each flavour per customer.



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