Sainsbury’s cuts price of own-brand toilet paper

Sainsbury’s has cut the price of its own-brand toilet paper across all of its UK stores.

The supermarket chain revealed that it is passing savings directly on to customers, as the price of pulp has fallen for the first time in two years.

Own-brand products impacted by the discounts include Sainsbury’s ‘Super Soft White Toilet Tissue Double Rolls’ two-pack, which were £1.90 and now £1.69, and Sainsbury’s ‘Super Soft White Toilet Tissue Double Rolls’ four-pack, which were £3.25 and now £2.92.

It comes as Sainsbury’s revealed that it is closing all Lloyds Pharmacy branches in its UK stores this week, earlier than originally planned.

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“The rate of grocery price inflation remains at a record high, which is why we are continuing to lower prices wherever we can on the food and household products our customers buy most often,” food commercial director at Sainsbury’s, Rhian Bartlett, said.

“After more than two years of inflation on the price of pulp, we are now seeing a decline which is enabling us to pass savings directly on to our customers and reduce the price of our own brand toilet roll.

“From today, our by Sainsbury’s Super Soft double toilet rolls have been added to our popular Aldi Price Match campaign for the first time, and customers will now be able to save as much as 11% on these items.”

Bartlett added: “In addition to food, we’re focused on battling inflation on high volume household products that we know customers buy day in day out. For example, following the addition of own brand nappies to the Price Match campaign in January, sales have increased by 20%.

“We are committed to offering our customers the best possible value so they know that they are getting a great deal on their everyday staples when shopping with us.”

Cheeky Panda CEO Chris Forbes, who runs an organic toilet roll company, told The Grocer that new EU rules which look to ban products linked to deforestation will have a “gigantic effect” on the industry and could result in toilet roll shortages.



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