Spam launches new ad campaign to revitalise brand image

Spam has launched a new TV ad campaign aimed at revitalising the brand’s image and attracting younger shoppers.

The iconic canned ham label introduced the campaign based on the insight that consumers were looking for quick meals that delivered on flavour and satisfaction.

The ad depicts its protagonist, Nigel, who takes inspiration from TV chefs while on his “food journey”, by discovering different food combinations that Spam will match with.

As complicated cooking and high-cost ingredients are not realistic for all consumers amid the cost-of-living crisis, Spam has realised that it needs to target younger generations in an effort to boost its UK sales.

In 2021, Spam reached record sales for the seventh year in a row despite Covid-19 related challenges. The retailer recorded a 19% net sales increase compared to the previous fiscal year. 

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As Spam claims it only uses prime cuts of pork, the advert ends with the tagline ‘Keep it Real’ to sum up Nigel’s approach and premium quality of the product.

The campaign – created by Cheeky Communications – is set to roll out this month across TV and social.

“We were looking for a fresh new approach to the brand which was forward-facing, whilst still building on the great heritage,” commercial sales manager at Danish Crown UK, Jelsey Barnes, told The Grocer.

“We felt the charm and humour in this idea would really resonate with a new, younger audience whilst reminding our current audience of all the great reasons to buy Spam products,” she added.



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