Shoppers face double groceries cost when ordering from food delivery apps

Shoppers could be spending twice as much when ordering groceries from apps such as Deliveroo, Just East and Uber Eats, rather than purchasing online from a UK supermarket, consumer group Which? has found.

The watchdog compared the price of a basket of 15 popular grocery items at five supermarkets, against the amount a shopper would pay if they ordered the same products via a delivery app, excluding delivery fees.

It found that almost all of the items were either more expensive on the apps or the same price.

At Iceland, the supermarket’s own price for the 15 items was £36.63, however this was 32% higher when ordering via Deliveroo and 38% higher on Just Eat at £50.50.

Deliveroo and Just Eat’s prices for Asda groceries were 9% higher than the Big 4 grocer’s own price of £45.60, while Uber Eats was 19% more expensive at £54.39.

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While the price of each delivery app was the same for Sainsbury’s groceries, these were 28% higher in price across the board at £47.85 for products such as Doritos, own-label milk and ready meals.

Across individual items, Warburtons Toastie Thick Sliced White Bread was 100% more expensive than Iceland’s website price of £1, and Sainsbury’s 85p own-brand Fairtrade bananas were £1.75 across all three apps, a 106% increase.

“Ordering groceries from Deliveroo, Just Eat or Uber Eats is undeniably appealing but the cost of this convenience could be double what you’d pay if you cut out the middleman,” Which? retail spokesperson Ele Clark told Sky News.

“As well as the extra cost on your groceries, you’ll probably have a delivery fee too, so it’s worth weighing this up before ordering anything to your door.”

All three apps said that supermarkets set their own prices, with Uber Eats adding “we always encourage them to match the prices offered in-store.”



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