Aldi turns off lights across all stores to cut energy bills

Aldi is cutting the number of lights it has switched on across all supermarkets in a bid to slash energy bills and help towards net zero efforts.

The discount grocer is implementing the change from this month, looking to save money and compete with other retailers on delivering lower prices, The Telegraph reported.

Earlier this year, Aldi trialled turning off some lights in four stores and last month it introduced new energy-saving measures, including installing chiller doors, air sourcing heat pumps and more efficient fridges and lights to preserve a significant amount of carbon emissions.

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This comes as the supermarket giant has pledged to achieve net zero carbon for electricity use by 2030.

An Aldi spokesperson told The Telegraph that dimming lights and introducing more energy-efficient LED lights will reduce its energy consumption by around 10%, “whilst maintaining an excellent in store experience for our customers”.

“Through measures like this we’re able to make our stores even more sustainable and maintain our position as the UK’s lowest-priced supermarket.”

The retailer added that the eco-friendly moves will help to reduce prices for shoppers.

In March, Waitrose, Morrisons and Co-op began dimming lights across stores to cut rising energy costs.

Waitrose also updated its fridges to make them more efficient by 40% and is considering blinds across its fridges to keep cold air in at night, a measure already implemented by Morrisons.



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