Tesco passes 85% target for redistributing surplus food

Tesco has redistributed 88% of surplus food across its UK business, surpassing its 85% target which was set in 2016.

The goal was beaten with the help of the leading retailer’s partners including FareShare and Olio.

FareShare supports nearly 8,500 community groups and charities with surplus food from the supermarkets network of stores and distribution centres and last year, Tesco donated more than 25 million meals via FareShare.

Since 2020, Tesco has made any food unable to be taken by local charities or community groups available free of charge to food sharing app Olio.

The Olio Food Waste Heroes redistribute the food to others in their communities and in the last 12 months, Tesco donated more than 20m meals worth of surplus food through Olio.

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Since 2022, the supermarket donated more food than ever before, with an average of three million meals a month going to charities and communities.

Tesco’s Community Food Connection scheme, which is the largest surplus food redistribution scheme in Europe, has donated over 166m meals since 2016.

Any food not donated to charities and communities via FareShare and Olio or to Tesco colleagues via is free ‘Colleague Shop’ initiative, is converted to pet or animal feed where possible.

“No-one wants to see good food go to waste. With so many people facing food insecurity in the UK, we are working harder than ever to make sure food gets to those who need it,” Tesco food surplus project manager, Cherly Wetherburn said.

“We are incredibly proud of the vital work our partners do every single day, and it’s thanks to their efforts – and the hard work of all our colleagues and volunteers – that helps the food reach so many people.”

FareShare chief executive, Lindsay Boswell added: “The food we receive through Community Food Connection and via Tesco distribution centres as a result of this innovative and award-winning partnership is absolutely vital to the charities and community groups we support, who work tirelessly to feed the people in their community that need it most.

“Together with Tesco, we are helping to strengthen communities across the UK and make a real difference to people’s lives.”



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