Tesco and Jamie Oliver encourage customers to cut spending with a ‘Use Up Night In’

Tesco is encouraging customers to take up a ‘Use Up Night In’ to cut food waste and spending amid the cost-of-living crisis.

Supported by chef and Tesco Good Food ambassador, Jamie Oliver, the campaign looks to help consumers make the most of the ingredients they already have in their kitchen.

By implementing a Use Up Day each week, households could save an average £260 per year.

This comes as 68% of UK adults have cut back by spending less on going out, and almost half (47%) of those consumers are recreating a night out at home, using ingredients from supermarkets.

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To help shoppers create a ‘Use Up Night In’, the leading retailer has unveiled a guide containing recipes, ways to use up leftovers and how to host a potluck party where each guest is encouraged to bring their own ingredients.

“Since creating Use Up Day in 2021, Tesco has helped thousands of customers make the most of their food shop and reduce waste,” Tesco head of campaigns, Tony McElroy said.

He added that cutting the amount of food that is thrown away at home is a “win-win, saving money and limiting harmful emissions.”

“Adapting Use Up Day to cater at home for friends or family is a great way of making food go further; whether that’s reinventing your own leftovers or combining the contents of your kitchens.”

Oliver said: “Having a dedicated night of the week to use up the food you already have is such a brilliant idea. Not only does it mean less food going in the bin, which can only be a good thing for the planet, it also means you’re not spending as much.

“This is where flexible recipes, the ones where you can easily swap ingredients in and out, are your best friends. It really can make a difference.”



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