Greggs to expand Eco-Shop elements to 400 stores by the end of 2023

Greggs is set to roll out parts of its Eco-Shop format in 400 stores by the end of the year in a bid to improve the sustainability of its estate.

In July 2022, the high street retailer’s first Eco-Shop launched in Northampton and since, features such as recyclable flooring, solar control glass and heat pump air curtains are now present in 250 stores.

If Greggs was to reach its 2023 target, these elements would be present across 17% of its entire estate.

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This comes as part of ‘The Greggs Pledge‘, which commits to building stronger, healthier comminities, making the planet safer and becoming a better business by 2025.

As well as expanding its Eco-Shop elements, Greggs has said that by this deadline, it also looks to reduce the amount of food waste created in manufacturing operations by an additional 10% and increased food redistribution by a further 10%.

“When we first launched The Greggs Pledge, we committed to being transparent about – and accountable for – the areas where we believe we could drive the most change in making the world a better place,” Greggs CEO, Roisin Currie told The Grocer.

“I am pleased to report that we are on track to meet each one of our ambitious targets that we set out to achieve by the end of 2025, making us both a stronger and better business.

“By giving good food a second chance and redistributing it to those in need and reducing food waste, to implementing initiatives that directly tackle climate change, like continuing to switch to renewable energy, and ensuring we are committed to workplace diversity and inclusivity, we are driving initiatives to make the world a better place.”



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