Anti food-waste app Gander finds ‘yellow labels’ in real-time

Gander, the anti food-waste app, has unveiled a range of new features and enhancements that look to improve the consumer experience on the platform.

These features include the ability to now search by location rather than just specific stores, an optimized interface to improve useability and the ability to view additional store offers.

With the inflation rate soaring to 17.1% in the four weeks to 19 February, the highest level ever recorded by Kantar, Gander is seeking to help families save money by providing real-time information on yellow labelled food items in local stores.

Over the last four years, the anti food-waste platform has partnered with retailers across the UK in a bid to reduce food waste and transform bottom lines.

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Integrating directly with retailers’ point of sale systems, the app provides retailers and consumers with an easy solution to reducing food waste by delivering real time information on reduced stock into the palm of the consumer’s hand.

The app’s primary way of doing this is by displaying a live feed of thousands of reduced products to consumers, allowing them to filter by dietary requirements and preference.

“We’re delighted to introduce Gander’s new functionalities and keep harnessing the power of technology,” said head of customer engagement and business development at Gander, Stacey Williams.

“We have worked hard to provide an enhanced user experience and the app’s new features will allow consumers to locate yellow labelled foods more quickly, not only in store but right across their local area.

“Gander is committed to reducing food waste and to helping consumers to manage their shopping budget and achieve considerable savings by providing real-time information on reduced food items.”

She added that data from the Ganderlytics analytics platform, available to retailers, has shown that: “On average, consumers using Gander save around 56% on their food shop.

“Consumers often miss out on significant savings as these reduced food items are not always clearly marked or positioned in store.”

Williams concluded: “Gander provides a perfect real-time solution to help consumers make more considered decisions on how to manage their weekly shopping budget, before they even have to leave the house.”



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