Trip becomes UK’s fastest growing soft drinks brand

Trip has become the UK’s fastest growing soft drinks brand in the UK after growing by 522% in the last 12 months.

The recent surge in market growth for the UK’s No.1 CBD brand has caused it to expand twice as fast as the UK’s second fastest growing soft drinks label, valuing it at over £500k in the grocery sector (according to Nielsen IQ).

Currently, half (1 in 2) of all Gen Z consumers in the UK have reportedly tried a CBD drink as alcohol-alternative, which has lead to Trip’s market share of CBD drinks to now stand at 88%.

The brand has found that a key driver for its success is the demand from Gen Z consumers, who have been switching to alcohol-free alternatives like Trip over the last year.

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Studies have shown that people are increasingly giving up drinking, younger consumers are increasingly finding Trip as a way to unwind without the threat of a hangover hours later.

Trip has been a viral sensation over recent months and has attracted the most organic search traffic of any CBD Drinks brand globally, amassing 50 million impressions on TikTok and Instagram in January this year.

The cans are currently stocked in retailers such as Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Boots, Ocado and Holland & Barrett.

It comes as the CBD brand extends its partnership with Calm, the #1 meditation app, in a bid to reduce stress levels in younger people.

“It’s a special milestone for us, showing how far TRIP have come in our mission to destigmatize conversations about mental wellbeing and rework misconceptions about CBD, helping millions prioritise their health,” Trip founde Olivia Ferdi said.



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