Nisa clothing banks raise over £35k for local causes

Nisa’s clothing banks have raised more than £35,000 for local causes, with over 50 units now located outside of the convenience retailers stores across the UK.

Run and created by Nisa’s charity, Making a Difference Locally (MADL), the banks were first launched in 2021 and allow customers to accumulate additional money into their MADL fund.

In turn, this enables them to provide further support to their local comminities, while helping to reduce the environmental impact of unwanted clothing and textiles.

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The clothing banks are free of charge to Nisa retailers, in partnership with Nathan’s Waste Savers, and every clothing and textile donation is either sold, reused or recycled.

No maintenance of the banks is required from retailers, as each one is installed, serviced and emptied regularly.

Once banks have been weighed and emptied, funds raised are put into the store’s MADL account and donated to a local good cause of its choosing.

“We began working with Nathan’s Waste Savers in May 2021 and are really pleased with how the partnership is going,” Nisa head of charity, Kate Carroll said.

Much of the warm clothing provided is being sent to Ukraine and further supplies will be sent to Turkey and Syria following recent earthquakes.

Carrol added: “The events currently in Ukraine and also in Turkey and Syria are devastating so I would encourage Nisa retailers and shoppers to contribute to the clothing banks so we can get much-needed clothing supplies to the areas of the world in most need.”



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