Swizzles’ launches Squashies and Refreshers inspired drinks range


Soft drinks manufacturer Princes has partnered with confectionary brand Swizzles’ to launch a range of squash inspired by iconic sweets flavours.

The new drinks offering includes flavours such as Bubblegum and Sour Cherry & Apple Squashies, Lemon and Sour Apple Refreshers, Love Hearts, Parma Violets and Raspberry Drumstick.

Each one litre bottle of Swizzles’ squash contains real fruit, no added sugar, artificial colours or flavours and has less than five calories per serving at RRP £1.25 per bottle.

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The launch comes as new research found that 94% of consumers said they would probably or definitely buy at least one of the flavours, with particular appeal for the drinks among shoppers aged 18 to 45.

According to IRI data, Squashies is the UK’s number one sugar confectionary brand and sells 158 bags every minute.

Every year, over 15 million Refreshers bars are sold and 1.75 billion Love Hearts are made.

The Drumstick brand is also growing by 23% year on year, with a National Day having been dedicated to Parma Violets.

“At Princes, we are constantly keeping an avid eye on the market and recently spotted a gap for a sweet confectionery range of squash which would appeal to the whole family,” Princes head of commercial drinks, David Boyle said.

“Swizzels, with its well-established heritage, years of experience and family appeal, made for the perfect choice. We’re proud to have created an exciting range of squash which delivers across taste, convenience and value.”



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