Hilltop honey now available in Tesco after securing new listings

Hilltop, the UK’s second-largest Honey brand, is now available in Tesco after securing several new listings with the retail giant.

Known as Honey connoisseurs, Hilltop has an extensive maple syrup range and has secured their first listing from their honey range with the UK’s largest retailer, as it hopes to further grow and expand in the category.

The multi-award winning brand has recently extended their Manuka honey range, having acquired products in 900+ Tesco stores in 225g formats.

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The Hilltop Manuka range is recognised for its superior quality and distinct flavour and will add premium value to Tesco’s honey offering.

Hilltop’s Manuka Honey is measured using the MGO rating – the naturally occurring compound that gives Manuka Honey it’s special properties.

The brand has also recently extended their Everyday Blossom range with their 680g jar format, which will launch across 752 Tesco stores.

“We have been working with Tesco since 2015 on growing their honey category by bringing quality, innovation and price to the fixture,” founder and managing director of Hilltop, Scott Davies said.

He added: “We have sourced Manuka right back to beehive to provide Tesco customers with the best possible quality Manuka at the best price in the market.’’

“We have grown consistently in Tesco and this is a huge leap in that journey with them, that’s why we are also extremely pleased to have been given a listing within the Maple Syrup range to start that same journey in maple, as we did with honey,” Davies said.

The news comes as Tesco Bank has agreed to give over 3,400 staff members a £1,250 pay rise to help with recent cost-of-living challenges.



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