M&S 2022 product highlights: Christmas party food, the Remarksable range and Magic Coffee

M&S has revealed its product highlights of 2022, with Christmas party food, the Remarksable range and its own-label breakfast selection taking centre stage.

The retailer said that “the quality and innovation” of its new product development at Christmas was “unrivalled”, having scored 84 first places in ‘tried and tested’ product reviews.

In its latest product report, M&S said it sold seven million packs of party food over Christmas, which was also the biggest driver of sales.

Of its M&S Collection party offering, almost a quarter of a million packs of Handmade Tiger Prans were sold, with sales of its Pulled Beef and Porcini Yorkshire Puddings almost doubling.

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The supermarkets Christmas Food to Order saw day one requests up 30% from last year, serving 440,000 customers during the period and making 2022 its biggest ever launch.

Over the festive period, ‘Food On The Move’ sales were up 25% on last year as M&S sold 5.2 million of these Christmas products.

Across the year as a whole, M&S’ Remarksable range, which includes over 100 everyday products benchmarked against its competitors, was up 27% in sales this year with these items featuring in 20% of shoppers baskets.

In looking to help customers save on dinners as consumers were trading down from eating out during the cost-of-living crisis, M&S’ £10 Steak Night Dine-In was its most popular ever launch, selling over 324,000 in the period.

The £12 pizza dine-in option was the most popular in the quarter, with over one million sold and 100,000 in the New Year week alone.

In response to its research which found that 75% of Brits have the same breakfast every day and 67% look to make it more interesting, M&S now has its biggest ever own-label breakfast range.

Earlier this week, adding to this offering, the retailer launched Magic Coffee in 330 of its cafés across the UK. Originating in Melbourne, Australia, the coffee features a double ristretto instead of a double espresso.

This news comes as M&S has revealed the food arm of the business “outperformed” over the Christmas period, as it reported “strong growth” across the company.

In the 13 weeks to December 2022, it saw a 10.2% rise in food sales, with like-for-like sales increasing by 6.3%.



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