One in five opting for non-alcoholic beers as drink of choice, Budweiser research finds

One in five (21%) of people would opt for non-alcoholic beer as their drink of choice at a social event, new research has found.

According to a report from the world’s largest brewer the Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I, 19% of 25–44-year-olds say that they will be cutting back on their alcohol consumption for January.

With dry January in full swing, non-alcoholic beer has come in second behind mocktails (34%) as the top alcohol alternative people would choose at a social gathering.

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Research from Budweiser also revealed that over 1 in 4 UK adults (27%) find pubs, clubs and bar visits ‘tough’ when not drinking alcohol, and 49% who plan to drink less this January are cutting out alcohol for at a least a small part of the month.

Additionally, 13% of UK adults say they’re more likely to go to a social event while not drinking alcohol if there are non-alcoholic alternatives available besides soft drinks.

The stats present a fresh blow to the hospitality sector as it continues to grapple with a loss in sales as a result of dry January.

For Budweiser however, the brewer has made significant progress to lead the category with its portfolio of no-and-low alcohol beer, including Stella Artois Alcohol-Free, Budweiser Zero, Beck’s Blue, Leffe 0.0 and Corona Cero.

No-and-low alcohol beverages saw continued market growth in the last quarter, with Corona Cero becoming the 5th biggest no-and-low alcohol beer in that time frame.

The brewer is reportedly ensuring the category is “inclusive with a range of no to low options” that is critical in helping consumers balance alcohol and non-alcohol choices.

“There is a clear interest in no-and-low alternatives, and as the category continues to grow, we are seeing more and more beer-drinkers look to moderate their alcohol consumption without giving up beer entirely,” future growth brands director at Budweiser Brewing Group, Marie Fukuura said.

She added: “As the world’s leading brewer, we are proud to bring people together over their favourite beers and want them to enjoy non-alcohol versions in a similar way – for a future with more cheers.”

The news comes as Waitrose has experienced a boom in low and no alcohol drink sales after seeing a rising trend in sober curiosity and this year’s Damp January.



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