Aldi crowned cheapest supermarket in 2022

Aldi has been named the cheapest supermarket for a basket of 48 groceries in 2022, costing £81.63 last month.

According to data from consumer watchdog Which?, the discount grocer was found to be the least expensive for the seventh month in a row, closely followed by Lidl at £83.24.

For a basket of groceries which included products such as Heinz baked beans, milk and tea bags, Tesco came in third cheapest ahead of Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons who all sat between £90 and £100.

At the top end was Ocado at £102.87 and Waitrose at £112.62.

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However when comparing the cost of a larger trolley of 149 items, excluding Aldi and Lidl, Asda was found to be the least expensive for £355.62.

Sainsbury’s took second spot at £368.97, while Tesco was £7 more expensive at £375.97.

Waitrose was again the most expensive of the supermarket giants, the only one to cross the £400 barrier at £6.95 over.

Across all 12 months last year, Aldi was found to be the cheapest for seven, more than any other grocery retailer.

However, Lidl was found to be the cheapest for the first five months of 2022, with the average price difference between the two in the past seven months being £1.59.

This comes as new research by Moody’s found that Morrisons raised its prices more than any other major UK supermaket last year, causing shoppers to switch to rivals.

The credit rating agency said it “rapidly” hiked prices in June and was the only supermarket giant to raise prices faster than Lidl and Aldi.



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