One Stop adds clear recyclable lids to semi-skimmed milk bottles

One Stop has replaced its green milk bottle lids for a clear, recyclable alternative following a successful trial with milk supplier Müller.

Rolling out across all One Stop stores, the new lids will initially be available on own-brand semi-skimmed milk, however the symbol group retailer’s long-term aim is to also include this to its skimmed and whole milk.

To distinguish between each variety, the bottles will also feature coloured labelling.

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Through the change, an extra 16.5 metric tonnes of plastic packaging will be more easily recycled each year and is another step in One Stop’s goal to ensure 100% of the packaging across its own label range is recyclable.

“We’ve made the decision to implement this change across all semi-skimmed milk bottles first to have the biggest impact, with over 60% of milk sales coming from this variety,” One Stop head of transformation, Neil Thomas said.

“We know that coloured lids are hard to recycle. By using clear caps which can be recycled into food-grade packaging, unlike coloured lids, we will increase the volume of recycled plastic available on the market.”

This comes as Müller is also set to replace the current coloured milk caps on its own label and branded milk ranges with clear, fully recyclable alternatives.

Looking to complete the switch by next summer, the process began in November and phase one is set to end this month, which involves adding clear caps to its green semi-skimmed milk.



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