Data: 13% of Christmas food is thrown away

Almost 13% of festive food is thrown in the bin over the Christmas period, new research from Waitrose has shown.

According to a survey of 2,000 adults , 31% admitted to wasting more food than usual during this time.

This comes as 61% overbuy on food to make sure they won’t run out and 16% find it difficult to judge how much food will see them through Christmas.

However, in looking to reduce food waste, 35% said they would force down foods they don’t like, while 38% will be making sure guests take home any leftovers.

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Waitrose found that 41% are looking to get creative in the kitchen to use up leftovers and although Christmas sandwiches are the most popular dish on Boxing Day, 39% will be opting for a curry, 36% will have bubble and squeak, while 31% will put any leftovers in a soup.

“Getting ready for the big day can be a stressful and exciting time, especially now we’re able to host family and friends once again after the pandemic,” Waitrose senior brand development chef, Zoe Simons said.

“But both of these factors can cause people to buy much more food at Christmas than they actually need – and inevitably, a proportion of this unfortunately finds its way into the bin.”

In looking to help housholds reduce food waste during festivities, the upmarket retailer‘s chefs have suggested planning out Christmas dinner for the number of guests joining, while considering leftovers.

The top tips also include thinking adead and storing items in the freezer throughout December that can be used on the big day such as vegetable peelings, that can later be added to a stock or gravy.

Simons added: “It’s encouraging to learn that so many are taking care to reduce what they waste, particularly at Christmas and we want to help where we can. That’s why we’ve come up with some simple and exciting ways to give people the impetus to work up something special with what may typically have been thrown away.”



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