Nearly a fifth of Brits switch to plant-based diets to cut food bill

Almost a fifth of Brits (19%) have switched to a plant-based diet in a bid to save on grocery costs, a new survey has revealed.

According to vegan retailer Myvegan, who analysed the shopping habits of Brits this month, more people are incorporating plant-based meals into their diets as half (49%) of the population say they have found it hard to shop sustainably.

While major supermarkets are still the most common place to shop (84%), followed by convenience stores such as Tesco Express or Co-op (50%), the research discovered that just under a third shop only via online supermarkets.

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Even before the cost-of-living increase, Myvegan states that 89% of the UK public already had price in mind when choosing where to shop for groceries.

With rising inflation and soaring energy bills tightening household budgets, 51% of Brits have switched to cheaper brands and items, 46% are looking for discounts and deals wherever possible, and almost a quarter (24%) have switched to discount supermarkets.

While major supermarkets are still the main place for vegans to buy their groceries, only a small percentage of the vegans surveyed said they do – as over half (58%) of vegans shop at health food shops, and 50% choose to shop at farmers markets.

When looking at how much Brits spend on groceries each month, the average household was found to spend £222 — £51.23 per week.

Pescatarians and vegans buck this trend, spending considerably lower than their peers (£203.02 and £203.51 per month respectively — an average of £46.85 and £46.96 per week).

Followers of omnivorous and flexitarian diets — which both include meat — have a higher average spend of £238.29 and £229.66 per month respectively, working out at £54.99 and £52.99 per week.

The news comes as over a third of Brits are open to having a vegetarian or vegan Christmas dinner this year, according to research conducted by international online supermarket British Corner Shop.



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