Nisa hikes prices on Co-op Core Essentials range

Nisa has increased the prices across 52 of its 330 core Co-op own label lines recommended to retailers.

RRP across all affected lines in Nisa stores increased from a combined £145.17 to £159.94, however, in Co-op stores, the price changes equalled to £152.57 compared to a previous £138.82.

This results in the price of the net wholesale price across the 70 lines increasing from £934.49 to £984.62.

Some of these products which has seen a rise in prices include corned beef which increased by 10p from £2.55 to £2.65, straight oven cut chips also increased from £1.60 to £1.79.

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However, the symbol group retailer added that 18 of its items will decrease in price as well, with its honey roasted ham dropping in price from £1.25 to £1 and British beef mince going from £5 to £3.70.

“At Stoneleigh, we announced new pricing guardrails applicable to all Co-op own-brand products,” Nisa commercial director Ayaz Alam said.

“These guardrails ensure that the RRPs we recommend are indexed against recent Co-op retail RSPs to help you ensure you remain competitive versus Co-op retail stores.

“We also committed to you that we would review our prices against these guardrails regularly, this means we will routinely respond to price increases and decreases on Co-op lines set by the Co-op.

“The impact of the price changes on Core Essentials, the products we recommend all customers stock is that of the 330 products, 52 will increase in price and 18 decrease.”

He added: “We will continue to review and adjust prices based on these guardrails, so please look out for future emails that will provide advanced notice of future changes.”

Nisa declined to add further comment.

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