Waitrose drops Phillip Schofield wine brand as consumers label it ‘undrinkable’

Waitrose is to stop selling Phillip Schofield’s wine range which has been described as ‘undrinkable’ by the retailers shoppers.

The Italian wine boxes which first launched in April 2020 were sold exclusively at Waitrose, however are no longer set to be stocked across its stores.

On the supermarket giant’s website, Schofield’s When In Rome Benevento IGT Falanghuna box of three wines has rated at less than two and a half stars out of five with customer reviews describing the product as “very disappointing”, “not pleasant”, while another said, “I made a return trip to store to return this wine as it was undrinkable.”

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However, some rated the wine at five stars and one commented: “Lots of people on here slating this wine, but approach with an open mind and this stuff is lovely. One of my favourites.”

According to Yahoo News, a Waitrose spokesperson commented: “It’s absolutely normal for us to review our selection from time to time. We haven’t sold this wine for a while.”

At the time of the range’s launch, Schofield said: “I don’t think there is anything I have been so passionate about, so I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I do.”

This news comes as Waitrose has revealed its sales of spam and fish heads are on the rise as its customers move to cheaper options to save money amid the cost-of-living crisis.

According to its Food and Drink report, fish head sales have jumped by 34% since last year, while spam sales are up 36% as 72% of consumers are now “more mindful” of their budgets, with a third “very concerned” about the effect of rising costs.



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