Cotswolds Distillery launches new berry gin inspired by British hedgerows


The Cotswolds Distillery is launching its new fruit and flora inspired Cotswolds Hedgerow Gin, which will soon be available to UK consumers.

The gin is made from the juices of sloe, damson, blackberry, plum and elderberry and then layered over the distilerries award-winning Cotswolds Dry Gin.

Cotswolds Hedgerow Gin is a full-strength gin, presented in a clear glass bottle with a label decorated with British hedgerows and wild purple, blue and red berries.

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The new Hedgerow Gin has an ABV of 40.6% and is selling at an RRP of £34.95 for 700ml.

“We are thrilled to introduce Cotswolds Hedgerow Gin to our customers and to share a part of our beautiful Cotswolds countryside with the wider public,” founder and CEO of Cotswolds Distillery, Dan Szor said.

He added: “Steeped in flavour from blackberries, elderberries and plums, it is the perfect edition to the Cotswolds Gin range moving into the season of mellow fruitfulness,” he said.



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