Lidl swaps green milk caps for clear ones after successful trial

Lidl GB will be permanently swapping its green coloured milk caps on semi-skimmed milk and replacing them with clear ones after a successful trial in a bid to improve sustainability.

The move forms part of the discount grocer’s partnership with leading milk supplier Müller, who conducted a successful trial of the clear caps in September in a bid to further improve the recyclability of its products.

The caps are now to become a permanent fixture, initially rolling out in select Lidl stores from 31 October and available in all stores across the UK from 21 November.

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According to Lidl, coloured milk caps cannot be easily recycled back into food grade packaging due to their density, unlike plastic milk bottles.

Introducing clear caps across the Müller supply chain however will enable 60 tonnes per year of recycled High-Density Polythene to be turned back into food-grade packaging.

This means that the new milk caps will be recycled to create more milk bottles – therefore keeping the material within a circular system.

“We remain committed to supporting our customers in helping them make more sustainable shopping decisions on a daily basis,” Lidl GB senior buying director Scott Davey said.

He added: “Customer feedback during the trial was overwhelmingly positive and we are thrilled to be making this change permanent across Lidl stores.

“In addition, this move will help us achieve our goal of making more of the plastic we use circular and fit to be repurposed time and time again.”



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