Kellogg’s Frosties missing from supermarket shelves amid packaging delays

Kellogg’s cereal brand Frosties has been missing from supermarket shelves following packaging delays at its factory in Manchester.

As of today (11 October), Frosties 1kg and 500g packs were sold out online across Tesco and Morrisons, while 500g boxes were also out of stock at Asda.

However, Sainsbury’s appeared to have no stock issues, with both varieties available via its online store.

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In supermakets, shoppers have also noticed the cereals absence having Tweeted Kellogg’s about its whereabouts.

However, online-only supermarket Ocado tweeted shoppers saying that its webshop currently stocks the full Frosties range.

According to The Grocer, a Kellogg’s spokeswoman said the brand had “recently experienced some stock challenges on Frosties, due to short delays getting the packaging we needed to our Manchester factory to box up the product”.

However, she added that the issue has since been resolved and “shelves should be restocked with Frosties by the end of the week.”

This comes as the FMCG giant announced the opening of its new food innovation centre, the Culinary and Sensory Centre in Manchester last week.

Officially opened by Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham after an 18 month development period and over £500,000 investment, the new centre features a packaging design lab, culinary kitchen, sensory hub and small-scale cereal factory.



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