80% of Veganuary participants have maintained a reduced meat-free diet


Some 80% of the 7,000 participants who tried to be vegan throughout January, have maintained a reduction of animal product consumption in their diets according to a six-month follow up survey by global organisation, Veganuary.

This year, the annual initiative broke all previous Veganuary records with 629,000 people taking part in almost every country across the globe.

Following the challenge, 28% of survey respondents are eating a fully vegan diet with 37% eating at least 75% less meat and animal products.

For those who have not since committed to a fully vegan diet, 86% agree that they are very likely to try a vegan diet again in the future.

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Two thirds of participants who have maintained a vegan diet for the past six months say they have experienced health improvements including increased energy, improved mood, better skin and a desired change in body weight.

“These results show that Veganuary is helping people make lasting diet changes that are good for the planet and their health,” Veganuary international head of communications, Toni Vernelli said.

“Cutting out meat and dairy is the best way to cut our carbon footprint. As an added bonus, two-thirds of participants who stick with a plant-based diet feel health benefits as well. There is simply no downside to signing-up for Veganuary.”

As a result of Veganuary’s challenge earlier this year, around 2.16 million animals were saved in just one month, according to the organisation’s 2022 campaign report, with over 1,500 new vegan products and menu options launched globally during January.



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