Richmond adopts new packaging helping the brand to be more sustainable

Richmond, part of Pilgrim’s Food Masters, has announced the launch of its new sustainable packaging across the sausage brand’s portfolio.

The redesign marks a significant moment for Richmond which has successfully grown and developed its reputation beyond pork sausages in the last three years through its Meat-Free initiative.

Created by brand identity agency Bloom, the new design incorporates top-down, modern photography to inspire shoppers with recipes and show the many ways their products can be served at mealtimes.

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Richmond’s packaging has been reimagined with more detail, now incorporating the brand’s ‘Nation’s Favourite’ status clearly on pack.

As the brand continues to innovate and debut in new categories, the packaging will be critical in ensuring the range comes together cohesively, helping shoppers quickly spot new formats and proteins.

The sausage brand has become one of the biggest players in Meat-Free, helping it to make it the 49th biggest brand in grocery.

Additionally, having signed the industry-wide Plastic Pact, a commitment to make 100% of packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025, the new design makes strides for Richmond in reaching its sustainability goals.

“We are thrilled to show off this new packaging for Richmond; the first strategic redesign we’ve undertaken in more than five years,” said , Pilgrim’s Food Masters marketing controller Chris Doe said.

“The growth and maturity of the Richmond brand has been astounding – we’re now as famous in Meat-Free as we are in Pork Sausages. This new, modern design marks the start of a new era for us and is more reflective of where we are now as a brand.”

Design director at brand identity agency, Bloom, Jonny Harris, added: “Our focus was to evolve Richmond’s brand identity into a vibrant and modern visual space whilst creating a new range navigation system that is fit for the future.

“Our design and illustration team developed a world filled with craft and pride, bringing to life Richmond’s rich Irish heritage and a sense of rural freshness. The whole range has been updated with a suite of new assets and modernised photography, and the result is a new identity full of meaning that instils a sense of belonging and a warm welcome.”



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