Tesco named most desirable company to work for

Tesco has been named the most desirable company to work for according to a new study.

The research, conducted by marketing training hub School of Marketing, analysed the top searches for jobs and careers on Google, which revealed that supermarkets dominate the list, taking up seven of the top ten spots.

Tesco came out as the most popular retailer, with the UK’s biggest supermarket seeing more than 362,000 searches a month on average for job openings.

As for specific Google searches, there are 232,000 average searches a month for ‘Tesco jobs’ and 130,000 a month for ‘Tesco careers’.

Asda is the second most popular supermarket, receiving 138,000 searches a month for openings, thanks to more than 114,000 searches for ‘Asda jobs’ and 24,000 searches monthly for ‘Asda careers’.

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Sainsbury’s followed Asda, with 111,000 monthly searches for ‘Sainsbury’s jobs’ and 17,000 searches a month for ‘Sainsbury’s careers’, totalling 128,000 searches a month.

Close behind on monthly searches were Morrisons (80,300), Waitrose (68,400), Lidl (62,000) and Aldi (60,000).

“It’s clear where the interest in the private sector job market lies now, and it’s in supermarkets. Additionally, some supermarkets are much more popular for job prospects than others,” School of Marketing CEO Ritchie Mehta said.

“With major brands at the top of many people’s minds when they begin a job search, smaller businesses need to work harder to find and attract skilled employees.

He added: “One extremely effectively way to do that is to take advantage of initiatives such as the Apprenticeship Levy scheme to bring in new staff or train current ones in digital and data-led programmes, with the vast majority of the training cost covered by the levy.”



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