Starbucks adds Dash Water to UK line-up


Starbucks has added Dash Water and Remedy Kombucha to its UK line-up in a bid to deliver a healthier alternative to traditional soft drinks.

As a result, Dash Water Peach and Cucumber 330ml and Remedy Kombucha Mango Passion and Cherry Plum Kombucha 250ml will be joining the soft drinks range of beverage options at Starbucks this September.

Both Dash, the wonky fruit-infused sparkling water brand and Remedy, the UK’s leading kombucha brand, are crafted from all-natural ingredients with no sugar and no artificial sweeteners.

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Recent research carried out by Remedy revealed staying healthy is a key consideration for UK shoppers, with 77% looking to reduce or avoid sugar in their diet.

“At Starbucks UK, we are continuously seeking out new and innovative food and beverage choices that we know will resonate with our customers,” Starbucks beverage and lobby manager Max Hill said.

“Remedy Kombucha and Dash Water have demonstrated their widespread customer appeal with strong and consistent UK growth, and we look forward to welcoming both brands into Starbucks UK.”

The UK kombucha sector has expanded rapidly in recent months, currently worth £15.4million and growing at 23% year-on-year. Remedy is the UK’s top kombucha brand, growing at +70% year-on-year.

“Our mission is to show that healthy can also be tasty and consumers consistently feedback to us that they love Remedy’s light and refreshing taste,” Remedy Drinks UK general manager Anna Dominey said,

She added: “Remedy has proven its widespread appeal through partnerships with leading supermarkets and retailers nationwide, and we’re looking forward to building on this further in collaboration with Starbucks UK.”

Dash is the UK’s top brand in the fast-emerging seltzer category, with a value market share of 35%. Growing at 118% year-on-year.

With a drive to tackle food waste, they infuse their soft drinks with wonky fruit and vegetables that have been rejected by supermarkets.

“We’re thrilled that an iconic brand like Starbucks UK is getting behind our wonky mission to bring a fresh perspective to soft drinks, whilst raising awareness about the big issue of food waste,” said Jack Scott, co-founder of DASH Water.

“This launch is a big milestone for us, and we’re excited to reach a new audience with our wonky mission. Here’s to celebrating wonky – one curly cucumber at a time!”



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